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    7 minute read
    | November 10, 2021

    How to Tackle New Hire Onboarding with Ease

    Did you know that companies in the US spendan average of $4,129on hiring a single employee? Read More
    6 minute read
    | November 3, 2021

    5 Ways the HR Manager Impacts Company Culture

    According to anarticle on Forbes,having good company culture can have a major effect on how your small business runs. It can improve productivity, boost morale, engagement,... Read More
    6 minute read
    | September 29, 2021

    5 Tips to Help Your Employees With Reentry Anxiety

    The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted the traditional workplace and continues to cause uncertainty for workers around the globe. Employers must decide whether a return to the... Read More
    7 minute read
    | September 15, 2021

    A Guide to Workers’ Compensation When Working From Home

    Over half of employees work remotely some or all of the time, and every day more businesses are embracing a remote work model to boostemployee engagementand satisfaction.... Read More
    7 minute read
    | September 10, 2021

    Top 5 HR Trends in 2021

    Human Resources (HR) is an industry shaped by what’s happening in the world at large, whether economically, socially, or culturally. This is because HR is, at its core,... Read More
    6 minute read
    | September 1, 2021

    How a Self-Service Portal Empowers Employees

    Employee satisfaction is driven by many moving parts. Recognizing workers’ needs while simultaneously giving them tools to manage their own information can be very powerful... Read More
    6 minute read
    | August 20, 2021

    The Future of Ethical AI in the Workplace

    Artificial intelligence offers tremendous value to the business industry. It’s expected to make businesses 40% more efficient by 2035, too, which is worth an estimated $14... Read More
    7 minute read
    | August 19, 2021

    7 Ways to Improve Team Productivity

    One of the biggest ongoing challenges for company leaders is keeping productivity high. This is especially true when you have no idea how employees perceive the company, if... Read More
    7 minute read
    | July 14, 2021

    How Strengths-Based Coaching Optimizes Human Capital

    Only four in 10 U.S. employees report that they have the opportunity to do what they do best while at work. In other words, their strengths, are not being leveraged from nine... Read More


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