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    19 minute read
    | January 18, 2024

    Unlocking Organizational Success Through Knowledge Management

    Knowledge is power; effectively managing organizational knowledge is critical for organizations seeking a competitive edge. Knowledge management (KM) is creating, sharing,... Read More
    10 minute read
    | January 18, 2024

    Burnout and Mental Health at Work: A Strategic Guide for H.R. and Payroll Teams

    Change is inevitable in any organization. As businesses evolve to meet new demands, adopt new technologies, or shift strategies, changes to people, processes, and systems are... Read More
    11 minute read
    | January 18, 2024

    Building Trust Through Ethical Technology: A Beacon of Integrity Across HR, Payroll, and Finance Functions

    Technology has transformed modern organizations' operations, enabling streamlined processes, data-driven insights, and informed decision-making. However, the ubiquity of... Read More
    18 minute read
    | October 12, 2022

    What is Talent Acquisition? Tips, Tools, and strategies

    Talent acquisition refers to the process of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. To fill unfilled jobs within a firm, the talent... Read More
    6 minute read
    | May 25, 2022

    10 Virtual Team Building Activities that Take 10 Minutes or Less

    Are you aware that over a third ofAmerican workersare telecommuting more often than ever before? Read More
    6 minute read
    | April 13, 2022

    How The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 Still Impacts HR Today

    Congress established the nation’s first minimum wagein 1938as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Along with this, many ripples spread through labor rights that... Read More
    6 minute read
    | April 7, 2022

    Conducting an Interview 101: Tips & Tricks

    Did you know that the right technology can make workers more productive? That includes a company's HR processes and the way they carry out a remote interview. Read More
    6 minute read
    | April 1, 2022

    SemiMonthly Vs Biweekly Payment Schedules

    There's always a tug of war between what suits the bottom line best and what willbest suit your employees. Sometimes you go one way and satisfy the employees and other times... Read More


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