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    “We Don’t Even Know What We Have.”

    We hear this a lot because it’s almost impossible to know with certainty the full functionality of cloud-based software. We said, almost.


    “We’ve had some turnover.”

    The more turnover your organization has experienced, the further removed stakeholders are from the original intention of your configuration logic and features. Our experts will quickly evaluate and summarize the features and capabilities of your ADP system. We might even discover cool features you didn't know you had.


    “This is how I was taught to do it.”

    Many organizations perpetuate arcane processes for fear of the ripple effect that one change can have on the entire workflow. Ignite HCM takes into account all aspects of your HCM enterprise, then recommends and trains you on new best practices that automate manual procedures and improve reporting and data confidence.


    “Was there an upgrade this weekend?”

    In the old days, it was commonplace for IT professionals to run one, two or even three software versions behind. No sense in changing what works. Not anymore: log in on Monday morning and your whole world may have just changed. Let Ignite HCM train your team on the latest ADP features at your disposal and watch your productivity explode.

    ADP System Maintenance and Optimization

    If it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated your system processes and workflows, let Ignite HCM perform a diagnostic and retool your technology so it aligns with your current needs.


    What’s your utilization score?

    Identify dormant functionality that you are paying for, but not using.

    Ready to unlock the power of ADP?

    Changing business goals, employee turnover and exciting new functionality require you to revisit your processes at least once per year. Let's do it together!

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