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    Nobody likes an uninvited guest — especially when it’s the DOL or IRS looking for compliance and tax violations.


    If You’re Inundated with Tax Notices, We Can Help

    Keeping up with federal, state and local tax rules and regulations is a full-time job. Our experts stay current on payroll tax changes and updates so you don’t have to.


    That Knock at The Door That Ain’t The Avon Lady

    Don’t worry — we provide support and assistance with payroll-related government audits. We’ll also review your current processes and provide guidance to remediate potential tax and compliance violations. 

    By partnering with Ignite HCM, we can’t guarantee that you’ll never get a visit from the man, but if he does show up, we’ll shorten his stay.

    The Best Defense is a Good Offense

    A periodic audit — annually at a minimum — is a preventative measure you can take to identify and mitigate unforeseen risk and ensure you are in compliance. Ignite HCM helps with all HCM audits; payroll is the most popular.


    Our clients love their consultants.

    Ignite HCM delivered beyond my wildest dreams. My consultant is very responsive and even responds to late night emails that I intend to be answered the next day.

    Kathy TheriaultSr. Director, Accounting & External Reporting

    Ready to Get Your House in Order?

    Send unwanted visitors quickly on their way and breeze through compliance checks with the backing of Ignite HCM. With our audit and recommended best practices, your payroll and HR operations will be squeaky-clean.