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    Employee Experiences: Creating the Right HR Design

    Employee Experiences: Creating the Right HR Design

    November 30, 2021

    In the past several months, millions of people have been quitting their jobs over a lack of a satisfying employee experience.

    Some are tired and burned out. Working through a pandemic and never-ending uncertainty is exhausting. This is especially true for those working in the healthcare and service industries.

    Others are dissatisfied with their working conditions and safety. For employees with the economic means to do so, staying at home and weathering out the storm seems like less of a risk than going to work every day.

    Still, others are taking advantage of the job market right now. They're using their leverage to change jobs while gaining massive salary increases.

    No matter the reason, it's your job as a business owner or HR professional to figure out how to retain your employees. But if you're already maxed out, as many people are, how do you even find the bandwidth to add another focus area on top of your miles-long to-do list?

    Keep reading to learn how your HR design impacts your employee experience and how you can access consulting services to help you build the HR design of your dreams.

    What Employees Want From Their Work

    Once upon a time, employees used to be content with a job that was just a job. They were more than happy to clock in, clock out, and not think of work until the next day. The experience of work was less important than being able to do the job and receiving a paycheck at the end of the week.

    This, however, is not the reality of the current working world. People are working longer hours and in more remote settings than ever before. Because of this, employees are finding less separation between their work and personal lives.

    As such, people want to work with people who share their values. They need to believe in the mission and feel that they are valued and unique members of the team. They want to be able to integrate who they are in the world with who they are at work. Workplace attire has changed from a suit a tie to a tattoo sleeve- a total reimaging of what it means to be successful is officially happening and companies need to accept that. 

    Cultural Values and Employee Experience

    Workplace culture is a huge component of employee satisfaction at work. In fact, many workers will choose workplace culture over salary when looking for a new job. This means that HR needs to advocate not only for employee compensation and benefits but also for building a culture that everyone wants to be a part of.

    Above all, workers want to know that they work for a company that values their health and safety. A huge part of HR processes is making sure that baseline health and safety standards are being adhered to by the company.

    In addition to health and safety, employees also want their personal health and happiness to be a priority for the company. HR must provide one-on-one support, access to mental health resources, and other support for employees both in and outside of the office.

    Career growth is also a huge but often overlooked function of a well-functioning HR team. If employees believe their current workplace doesn't support their personal career growth, they will look for a job somewhere else. Human resources can maximize your company's resources and potential by helping employees look for ways to continue their personal growth while staying with the company.

    Finally, employees want to work someplace where they belong. Inclusivity seems to be the word on everyone's lips. Taking the time to invest in building inclusive practices now will pay you dividends down the road.

    Human Resources That Works for Employees

    All of this means that employees need to know that their HR professionals are there to work for them as well as for the company. They expect you to provide an HR experience that is supportive and easy to navigate.

    All this, in addition to your organization-level responsibilities, including organizational planning, recruitment, and more, adds up to a lot of responsibility.

    New Technologies to Elevate Your HR Design

    No matter how skilled of a human resources manager or a payroll specialist you have, you sometimes just need help to get through everything you need to in a day. This is where working with the right consultants and new technologies is key. We'll provide you with a dedicated consultant, on-demand support services, and educational opportunities to help you improve your internal HR processes.

    Ignite PRODUCTIVITY is designed to help you and your team develop more efficient workflows and increase your ADP productivity. Our team will work with you to discover your specific needs and how you can achieve your goals. Together, you'll work out how to save your team time by optimizing your software so that you can spend more time connecting with your employees.

    Remember that HR professionals need to take care of themselves, too. If you're unable to take time away from work because of payroll responsibilities, we can help with that too. Our payroll processing services are great for short-term and emergency support to make sure your team continues to get paid, no matter what.

    Work With Us to Increase Your Employee Satisfaction

    As you can see, employee experience can play a huge role in retention rates, impacting your bottom line. Automating your ADP, payroll processing, and other technological processes will give you more time to focus on your employees. All this adds up to a great culture, increased employee retention, and higher rates of return for your business.

    Are you ready to give it a try? Contact Ignite HCM today to discuss your HR and payroll support needs. 

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