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    9 Great Employee Engagement Ideas

    Employee engagement idea generating

    9 Great Employee Engagement Ideas

    July 5, 2021

    Part of improving your approach to human resources (HR) is considering how you can continually enhance the employee experience. Engaged workers are generally much more satisfied at work, and these factors play a big role in the company’s bottom line and potential for long-term success. Here are a few key points to keep in mind about this process:

    • Improving engagement requires the right mix of implementing company and HR policies, creating employee development opportunities, and ensuring that team bonds are strong. 
    • It also means that you’re proactive in helping individual workers enhance their daily work lives with motivation and recognition techniques.
    • Employee engagement assesses the relationship between the entire company and its employees. It then improves that relationship by motivating and satisfying workers. 
    • Effective engagement strategies boost employee retention and create environments where employees feel connected, understood, supported, and interested in their work.

    This guide focuses on why these considerations are so important for the business and highlights employee engagement ideas to help you proactively improve your approach.

    Why Focus on Employee Engagement?

    Engaged employees are happier employees who are more likely to stick around and do great work for the company. Focusing more on engagement, however, also helps the business thrive and grow. Here are a few statistics to illustrate just how critical employee engagement is for success:

    Greater Business Profitability

    One study from Gallup showed that companies with higher employee engagement experience 21% more profitability than those with low employee engagement.

    Better Team Performance

    The Engagement Pulse White Paper from the Marcus Buckingham Company revealed that high-performing teams have 16% to 26% higher engagement levels than those with lower-performing teams. Engagement is thus a big factor in team performance and productivity.

    A Sense of Ownership

    Engaged employees are more likely to feel a meaningful connection to their work. They take pride in what they do and feel a sense of ownership over their jobs. This leads to employees who are more dedicated and committed to the role and the company.

    Engaged employees feel valued, understand where their job fits into the bigger picture, and feel like they’re part of a team. It’s not always easy to know the right strategies that will boost engagement, so working with a consulting service can help you make the right improvements within every aspect of the business.

    all hands in a thing

    10 Employee Engagement Ideas

    Employee engagement clearly helps your workers succeed while giving the business a boost. Here are few ideas to get you started with taking action:

    1. Prioritize Company Culture

    Your company’s culture is all about practicing what you preach. This means that your core values need to align with the actions you take to engage workers. Being consistent and fostering positive energy helps create an environment where employees are happy, feel valued, and are connected to their team. Start making culture fit a priority in talent acquisition instead of only focusing on qualifications during the interview process.

    2. Assess Employee Strengths

    There are a broad range of factors that contribute to employee engagement, but the world's greatest managers know the top strengths of their direct reports and focus on developing those strengths. Award-winning author Marcus Buckingham has pioneered strength-based talent development and has created an assessment to identify employee strengths.

    3. Boost Employee Communications

    Internal communication is key to keeping employees engaged. They may feel isolated or frustrated if they don’t know about company news, so always make sure leadership is transparent and accessible.

    4. Emphasize Company Values

    Employees will feel a greater sense of purpose if they understand why the company does what it does. It shouldn’t be all about making money but, instead, helping customers solve a problem or delivering a service that is above and beyond what competitors can provide. Ensure that company values are discussed and present in business communications and meetings.

    5. Implement Feedback Cycles 

    Ask for employees’ thoughts and opinions through regular check-ins. This could be in the form of a software app like ADP StandOut or surveys or one-on-one meetings where employees can share their experiences or suggestions. Feeling heard is a big part of overall job satisfaction.

    6. Improve Work-Life Balance

    Company culture usually improves when employees can balance their work and life effectively. This is done by offering the right benefits package, including great health insurance, family leave, paid time off, and other perks. Consider adding gym membership or transit pass discounts.

    7. Offer Advancement Opportunities

    Happy employees also know where they’re headed in their careers. Take the time to understand what each employee is looking for long-term and what interests them. Their interests might make them a fit for a different department.

    8. Plan Celebrations

    Make time for celebrating and relaxing. Workers can connect with one another at sponsored social gatherings, helping them bond as a team and let loose a little bit. These celebrations make sense around holidays, but you can also plan something fun when there’s exciting company news or a big win. 

    9. Use a Rewards System

    Sometimes you may notice that a particular team is struggling to hit targets. Reengage them with a rewards system. You can incorporate gamification to encourage friendly competition or give a contest winner a big reward. These initiatives can excite and motivate employees, helping them become more productive and satisfied with their everyday roles.

    10. Get help with HR tasks

    Employees need to know where to turn with HR questions, whether they’re having an issue with another employee or have questions about payroll or benefits. Consider getting help with these tasks, so you know your workers are always supported by experienced HR professionals.

    Focusing on engagement at all is the first step in the right direction. These nine ideas will help you get to work. Remember that allowing employees to have a voice and recognizing them for their efforts should always be at the core of your engagement strategy.

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