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    10 Virtual Team Building Activities that Take 10 Minutes or Less

    10 Virtual Team Building Activities that Take 10 Minutes or Less

    May 25, 2022

    Are you aware that over a third of American workers are telecommuting more often than ever before?

    Telecommuting has a wide variety of benefits, but you might be having difficulty overcoming some of the downsides. The good news is that there are many ways you can strengthen bonds between you and your colleagues despite the physical distance.

    Are you wondering what you can do? Keep reading to learn all about 10 virtual team-building exercises that take 10 minutes or less.

    1. Virtual Morning Coffee

    Most people can't make it through the day without the comfort and buzz that a morning coffee brings them. Why have your coffee alone when you can get ready for the day by sharing the caffeinated moment with coworkers through video chat?

    This is the perfect time to prep for the day and chit-chat in a way that can make everyone feel at ease with each other. The more virtual morning coffee sessions you host, the more everyone can get to know one another.

    2. Holiday Desk Decoration Photo Contest

    There are so many wonderful holidays to look forward to throughout the year. You can share the excitement and the spirit of each holiday by having each employee decorate their desk area with holiday-themed photos.

    Once everyone has completed the challenge, each person can share their creations and talk about fond memories. You can also spend time discussing your upcoming plans for the holiday in question.

    3. Two Truths & One Lie

    This is a deceptively simple game that's plenty of fun. It can also work wonders for ensuring that your employees are bonding and working together in a productive way.

    It involves each person sharing three things about themselves. The catch is that two of these are true but one of them is a lie. Everyone needs to discuss it and determine which of the three is the lie.

    4. Typing Speed Race

    Since everyone is already at their computer when they telecommute, you can put their skills to the test by having a typing speed race. This is the kind of friendly competition that can boost ambition while strengthening bonds at the same time.

    There are many reliable typing tests out there, such as this one. You can do this remote team-building exercise every so often throughout the year until you have champions who can compete against each other. Whoever wins the final race will be crowned the typing king or queen.

    5. Virtual Pet & Tell

    Most people have at least one pet. Since your employees are working from home, it'll be easy for them to bring their pets to the screen. Who doesn't love cats, dogs, and more?

    You might even meet some unexpected pets, such as bearded lizards or cute mice. This is one of those remote team-building activities that can remind us of our childhoods. You could also try doing a classic show & tell in which each employee talks about the most exotic items in their homes.

    It could be surprising to see what kind of artifacts they have laying around.

    6. Send Out Personality Tests

    Do you have a worker in payroll who has a personality that might be more suited to sales, for instance? You can send out a quick personality test for each of your employees to take and then compare the results.

    Everyone will certainly end up learning more about each other. You can also talk about what you expect the results to be like before finding out. 

    7. 10-Minute Guided Meditation Break

    From payroll processing to launching marketing campaigns, it's can be easy to get lost within the chaos of a workweek. This is why it's so important to step away from our worries for a brief while and reconnect with our breathing and our inner peace.

    When you perform a guided meditation break with your colleagues, everyone can feel connected to one another. Even just 10 minutes can go a long way toward boosting moods, reducing stress, and feeling like a real team.

    8. Guess the Emoji Board

    Emojis have become a staple of the virtual world. This is even true within professional environments. There are so many emojis out there that it's hard to know what each one of them means.

    You can use the emojis on Slack as a way to make pairs of employees compete against each other. Whoever can guess the right meaning first will win a point.

    9. Virtual Birthday Parties

    Once you're finished with the day's HR processes, you can throw a virtual birthday party for the lucky birthday employee.

    There are many birthday videos and party music playlists you can share to make them feel special despite the physical distance of the virtual world.

    10. GIF Battle

    The loss of Nerf wars in the office means the GIF Battle is the way to go. To play it, you should have a judge who comes up with various prompts. With every prompt, each person needs to send in a GIF that they think encapsulates it best.

    The judge will look at them and decide on the winner. Employees are sure to enjoy seeing all the funny GIFS and how the prompts are interpreted. To up the ante, you can offer a grand prize to whoever wins the most number of rounds.

    Are You Ready to Try These Virtual Team-Building Exercises?

    Now that you've learned all about 10 virtual team-building exercises, you can make sure your staff members are more in sync with each other than ever. After all, cooperation is the single most important element of success.

    Other aspects of business that can't be neglected are payroll and HR consultation. Ignite HCM is here to provide you with these high-quality services whenever you need them. Our clients put their full trust in our team's expertise.

    Feel free to contact us to discuss details and have all your questions answered. We always aim to please.

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